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  • Helping businesses grow and succeed. Promoting economically-sound, world-class transportation. With 50 State DOTs and many more other agencies, new technologies and businesses need help accessing markets and integrating into our transportation network. Aging bridges, changing demographics, and ever-growing travel demand are key challenges. Amid it all, sound economics are the bottom-line essential baseline for a sustainable, world-class transportation system.
  • There are profound opportunities for bold change that can vastly improve our mobility and quality of life. 3G Mobility, LLC provides strategic consulting; research and publishing; and business and technology development aimed at bringing about a better future via transportation improvements. Please contact founder Marcus Bowman here to learn more.

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Thank you for visiting. Based in the Virginia suburbs of Washington DC, 3G Mobility, LLC provides strategic research and business development consulting services, particularly promoting new technologies. The next generation of transportation infrastructure needs to be designed faster, cost-effective, and ecological: truly revolutionizing a fundamental aspect of our lives: getting there to be there.

The Drivers Automobile Network (DAN) (to become a supporting member of DAN click here), membership is $20/year) is a project of 3G Mobility. Previously. Presentation on Next Generation Vehicles: Electric Cars, Emissions/Cost Comparisons and Ramifications for VMT and Parking Electric Cars: Emissions and VMT; High-Speed Rail Speed Comparisons Country-by-Country; Statistical analysis, including tables and maps about your commute in PowerPoint: US Commuting Statistics; Vehicle Technology Improvement Curve; Emissions from Driving To/From Work.

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